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Animal Health
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CTCBIO Viet Nam has been specialized in supplying feed additives, veterinary medicines, aqua and biological products for past 10 years.

The leverage for growth, the springboard for a big leap is integrated with animal nutrition, feed premix technology, fermentation biotechnology to make a stable quality product and optimal effectiveness for Vietnamese animal industry development.

Currently, CTCBIO's products have been distributed to all nationwide provinces in Viet Nam.

CTCBIO products have been used to improve animal performance and health, such as CTCZYME, IgOne S(antibody from egg yolk), BetaGro(new plasma protein source), Yeast Culture, Shield Zinc, Marine Labs, Aminovital, Lean One S, Super Grow, Top Sow Care, Provita C, Super Trolyte.

In addition, the company has launched many antibiotic products to prevent and cure diseases such as Fencol S, Fendoxy, T mulin capsule, Wormcide premix, Tylandox soluble, Tylvalo premix, LincoSpectin, Lincomix 10, Doxymix 100. Besides, CTCBIO products are also aimed at protecting human health and friendly with environment

CTCBIO is also exporting some products to Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar since 2014.

For now, CTCBIO is one of the leading companies in Vietnamese feed additive industry.

CTCBIO will try its best continuously to research and develop the new products to lead the quality of feed industry market.

This is a guide of our company vision.