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DONG TAM FOOD: Food safety for higher quality life
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Provide natural and organic not only livestock and poultry products but also other functional food to Viet Nam market.
• Execute experiments for new technologies & materials to improve our products & service

We approach as well as the organization of its commercial and industrial processes. They are present at each distribution and production stage. In the next 5 years, we aim to become leader in supplying unique livestock & poultry products in Viet Nam.


By doing experiments under supports of well-known professors, we produce premium quality products for the sake of human health. We bring quality and value in each and every product we introduce to the market.


The following values will guide our farm in the pursuit of this vision and fulfill the mission:

  • Excellence: We make every effort to provide customer with quality products and reasonable price.
  • Innovation: We continually look for ways to improve and enhance value in our products to fulfill customer satisfaction.
  • Commitment: We commit to provide the most nature products for the health of human being.

By investing a chain of farms from the North to the South, we will provide to Viet Nam people high quality & safety products in both livestock & poultry.